Our services include:

  • Keeping bank and other accounts for maintenance contributions
  • Paying accounts and outgoings
  • Dealing with inward and outward correspondence
  • Preparing and posting notices, including notices of meetings and levy contributions
  • Preparing annual statement of accounts for audit
  • Maintaining the Strata Roll
  • Possessing and caring for the books and records of the Owners Corporation
  • Organizing and attending the Annual General Meeting
  • Possessing and distributing minutes of meetings (AGM & EGM’s)
  • Possessing and supervising use of the common seal
  • Providing general advice and assistance to the Owners Corporation and Executive Committee members
  • Arranging routine day to day maintenance, repair and replacement of common property
  • Performing clerical functions involved in the implementation of the decisions of the Owners Corporation and its Executive Committee

Additional Services

Additional meetings can be attended
(Monday to Friday)

Consultations with the Strata Schemes Board, engineers, solicitors, Department of Fair Trading and other professional people or bodies.

We use the latest strata management software (Strata Master Version 5) and together with our bankers, Westpac Banking Corporation provide various payment options for levies, such as Bpay, payment at any Post Office, credit card and direct debit.

Other services provided through our associated company, Advance Real Estate Services, are property management and sales.